Wednesday 27. June 2012

3rd round in Spa Francorchamps – Qualifyings and Races

SPA, June 25th – At the end of the third round, AT Racing gained important results in the GT Open International on Ferrari 458 Italia GT2. Alexander Talkanitsa and Alexander Talkanitsa Junior, father and son, were able to race with strenght and caught points thanks to the positive position of Race 1.

Qualifying – AT Racing drivers were very fast and ended the first session of the qualifying in 6th overall position. In the second step of the qualifying session, they were 10th.

Race 1 – Alexander Talkanitsa and Alexander Talkanitsa Junior shown to be one of the best crews at Spa. They took the chequered flag in 7th overall position, after a great race. Thanks this result, the crew gained points for the standings.

Race 2 – The race was affected by weather conditions: showing the true potential of the car and the AT Racing drivers was impossibile. At the end, AT Racing crew was 13th in the overall standing.

The next race will be at Brands Hatch, July 15th.